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Sveba Dahlen Mini Rack Oven
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Sveba Dahlen Mini Rack Oven
  • CodeOVERSDS400
  • ModelS400
  • Brand Sveba Dahlen
  • Width1167 mm
  • Depth953 mm
  • Height1425 mm
  • Weight340
  • Voltage415 Volts
  • Power23kW

Description : The S series oven with the efficiency and functionality of a large oven. Rotating racks have proved to be the most reliable way to achieve an even bake. The S400 has a built-in, high-capacity steam system. The S-series is equipped with Sveba-Dahlen's easy to use E-panel, for both manual and pre-programmed baking. Thick insulation in the walls and top, a large, double-glazed window and built-in halogen lighting are other features that make the S400 a user-friendly and energy-efficient oven.

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