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  • Brand Gorreri
  • Voltage415

Description : Gorreri projects and makes turnkey lines completely automated for the production of celebration cakes, round or rectangular shape, with or without support, with containment ring made of paperboard or stainless steel. Gorreri lines can make all possible workings for obtaining the finished product: manual positioning of the sponge cake disk, dosage and distribution of syrup solutions, dosage and distribution of creams whipped or not, cold jams or jellies , automatic positioning of the sponge cake disk and pressure of it, to obtain a perfect levelling, spreading of coating creams on the sides and on the top, both for round and rectangular cakes. Moreover, lateral decoration with all kinds of grains; (grains based on dry fruit, coloured sugar, meringue, sponge cake crumbs, chocolate flakes, etc). It is possible to decorate the top of the cake with different kinds of decoration, using whipped creams or not, creams chantilly, etc., with possibility to have decorations with cream roselets twisted or smooth.

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