The Sinmag Story

SINMAG - The Story so far:
Mr Lars Bryndum made an extended business trip to Asia over 10 years ago now, looking for the best of the best bakery machinery manufacturer to supply W & P Reedy.
Lars visited many manufacturers whilst in Asia, and ultimately decided upon the SINMAG brand out of Taipai in Taiwan as being the best of the best manufacturers in Asia.
What has made the SINMAG brand so successful is their dedication to quality manufacturing.
SINMAG use the best French and Swiss electrical switches and contactors, and the best gearboxes and running gear from Germany and Italy.

Lars often compares the SINMAG corporate story with that of the HONDA Motor Corporation.
Almost 30 years ago, when they started manufacturing, they were seen to be very good at reproducing a machine based on a successful proven design, nowadays, like HONDA, they SINMAG are designer and manufacturer of a top quality brand in their own right.

SINMAG have been able to maintain their quality components and quality assembly manufacturing process, where most of the European brands that we used to think of as the best in the world have had to cutback their quality year after year to keep within a competitive distance of brands such as SINMAG.
It is now a common consensus among resellers that the top priced European brands have now been overtaken by brands such as SINMAG, not just on value for money, but also outright quality.

Accordingly SINMAG are deserving of the click for more info quality seal of approval.

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